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Short Story

Yolo first appeared in 2009. Yolo's early years were concealed in secrecy.  He was unable to disclose himself due to his corporate history. Some believe he led a double life.  Soon life in Corporate America came to an end.Since society has become more accepting of a more open-minded lifestyle, Yolo decided it was time to create a safe space for any one who wanted to explore their sexuality and sexual desires. Yolo has since traveled all around the world to learn about and experience various cultures. 

Although he discovered that most cultures were accepting of swingers and swinging, he was deeply concerned that all races and sexual orientations were not accepted in society. As a result, YOLO was established solely by him. 


YOLO ENT is a member-only organization which consist of people who truly believe you have only one life to live.  We create a safe, nonjudgmental environment that welcomes all people of various lifestyles, regardless of  race, gender or sexual orientation. 


Yolo creates an acceptable environment for all people to come together to experiment their sexual desires and fantasies in a protected environment through education and experimental acts. We provide access to local business that support Lifestyle living. We foster an environment that is welcoming  to all lifestyles, including straight, bisexual, gay, transgender, and any individual(s) who identifies as a member of a particular group.    

You Only Live One Life.

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